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January 16, 2012
SOPA Goes Down In Flames...Kinda.
By Qushawn Clark
Internet users rejoice and be free, as SOPA (Stop Internet Piracy Act) is no longer an immediate threat to your freedom on the web.

It seems that Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia, the man who is the main force behind the bill, has decided that he will be ceasing all action in respect to it going into effect. One probable reason for Representative Cantor backing down is that fact that so many people across the Internet pushed back so intensely. In fact, a laundry list of huge websites, including Wikipedia, had been planning an Internet blackout in protest of the bill if it was not dropped.

Another big reason that this bill has lost support from the representative is that the Obama Administration has decided to join the side of those who want to protect the Internet. The administration has pledged to oppose any bill that runs the risk of promoting censorship of lawful activities.

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