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[2009-09-18] Web Hosts Hijacking Your 404 Pages
Some web hosting companies have now taken it to a new low: they are monetizing (making money) from your web site without your knowledge. Web hosts are now hijacking their customers' 404 error pages and putting up a slew of paid ads: advertisements, when clicked, make the company money. And most web site owners don't even know that this is happening to them.

[2009-09-04] With ISPs Tracking Bittorrents Has Pirate Bay Finally Lost?
After losing the court case, after the multiple attacks against the site, after the buyer for the site waffling, and now with the loss of its primary ISP, is it time for the Pirate Bay to simply fade into Bittorrent lore? I know this will upset many who use Bittorrent, but it is a question worth asking, is the fight still worth fighting.

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